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Special Agent DiNozzo

*smack* "Thank you, Boss."

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Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo
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Welcome to tonydinozzo! A community dedicated to the character Special Agent Tony DiNozzo from TV's NCIS.

Anything related to Tony DiNozzo is welcomed here. Episode summaries, fan fics, screencaps, interviews, icons, graphics/wallpapers, pictures and whatever you feel like posting. You're also welcome to post info and stuff on Michael Weatherly.

Just a few guidelines to help this community run smoother

  • Please use an lj-cut when posting spoilers or any new news regarding episodes. Some people don't like spoilers, lets not ruin it for everyone. ;)
  • Please use and lj-cut when posting more than 3 icons or any graphic or picture over 500 pixels in width. It just saves time for people on dial up and saves space on our friends page.
  • All fan fiction must go under a cut and have proper warnings, i.e. slash, het, gen, rating. Also Tony must be in the fic, otherwise why post it here?
  • No flaming or rude comments, those will get you banned.
  • Have fun and enjoy!



Your friendly moderator: leggyslove

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